Celebration of Millersville Faculty

Scholarship, Promotion and Tenure

This University-wide event hosted by the Provost and Dean’s Council is an opportunity for faculty to share and be recognized for their recent scholarly and creative work. Faculty were invited to present their scholarship and creativity by way of research posters, video or audio recordings, works of art, or hard-copy books and article reprints.

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Faculty excellence and success in the classroom, mentoring, and advising is evidenced by our students thriving on campus, completing their degrees and succeeding after Millersville. However, faculty excellence and success as scholars and practitioners in their fields are not as readily evident to the campus community.

Cheers to MU Faculty!

View photos from the Celebrate Faculty reception held on 10/18/2023.

This event was intended to declare the importance of and support for our faculty, who consistently demonstrate the teacher-scholar philosophy, facilitate collaboration and exchange among faculty and encourage continued faculty scholarship and creative activity.